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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 714 attack nest
Simple and slim, Xuhao checked outrageous on the large red-colored robe . At this time, he tilted his visit one side and considered Hao Ren and Su Han down and up, seeming to become thinking of how to actually eat them .
“Cackle . . . You still have the Immortal Physique . Inspite of the little decrease in the Crucial Yang electricity, you’re still a top-notch-tier material to make elixirs,” Xuhao investigated Hao Ren with gratification then glanced at Su Han by his facet . “This is tender-fleshed . You will be at Nascent Soul Kingdom, and you’re additionally a wonderful tonic . “
Though Su Han was delighted in regards to this, the ocean waves all of a sudden surged up violently throughout the demon dragon .
“Make sure you forgive me! I am going to do anything on your behalf!” During this essential moment, Xuhao immediately begged for mercy .
He was scared that his sword energies couldn’t eliminate Xuhao totally, along with the bad ghost may get aside .
Hao Ren snorted and introduced his hands together, taking pictures dozens of hundun sword energies toward him .
“Don’t hesitate!”
Seeming to discover that Hao Ren couldn’t go very far, Xuhao was lurking near Hao Ren and Su Han .
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Should the Nuwa Stone was thrown towards a heap of pebbles, Su Han was certain that she wouldn’t be able to discern it in the some others .
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Ever since she acquired undertaken Duan Yao as her disciple, she didn’t will need to go out in particular person to operate errands .
If she hadn’t used it out from the Nine Dragon Palace privately, she wouldn’t have believed it turned out one of several ancient G.o.dly products in legends .
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Shocked, Su Han required the Nuwa Rock from her engagement ring .
Hao Ren checked around and didn’t see Zhao Kuo, believing that the latter must have been swept to a different position or some other area of the Demon Sea .
The decorative electricity sword slashed toward the sea work surface and instantly trim the bright white smoke into two halves . Hao Ren got condensed lots of Critical Yang Energy in the sword, and also it was specially handy against ghosts!
Thrive . . . The seas surf surged up .
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Hiss . . . Hao Ren’s decorative strength sword golf shot out a beam of light toward the core of the white-colored light up .
Hao Ren’s sword energies related and created a circular energy sphere that had lightning electricity flas.h.i.+ng around it .
Sitting on the demon dragon’s rear with Hao Ren, Su Han sensed the Nuwa Gemstone in her band and was reduced .
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With earth-friendly lights s.h.i.+ning within his view, Xuhao was panicking, and this man quickly become white colored light up, attempting to get away from in to the water .
“Cackle . . . “
In fact, they were as part of his territory, and he could exhaust Hao Ren’s energy . He didn’t want this to become a enormous battle where other demon kings could well be captivated .
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Hao Ren’s sword energies swept in a wave!
Xuhao obtained divide himself coming from the bright white smoke and was able to flee as a dash of dark fumes, but he yelled in desperation as he observed the lamps, “Nuva Gemstone!”
The type heart and soul near to the ocean area was relatively thin, and just stage 8 and levels 9 demon beasts lingered listed here . The devil dragon covered Hao Ren and Su Han’s auras utilizing its personal degree 10 demon beast atmosphere . Therefore, they didn’t draw in the interest in the large and small demon kings at the bottom .
Merging his toughness with Su Han’s, Hao Ren was going to eliminate this demon queen in order that the second option wouldn’t result in difficulties for him just as before in secret!
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Su Han noticed the nature basis in the body preparing out like standard water in a very waterfall!
“Indeed, I am just!” Hao Ren solved .
Hao Ren administered another small bit of hundun electricity to the Nuwa Stone, and colourful lamps instantly lighted within the total location .
The mountain / hill-like demon dragon taken out two black colored fatality rays from the sight!
This is certainly . Su Han swam within the water and expected Hao Ren in bafflement . Demon Ocean, Hao Ren answered . The capturing episode from Qiu Niu virtually broke all his bones, and now he couldnt use any nature heart and soul . Su Han wasnt carrying out any far better considering the fact that that assault suppressed her from highest Qian-amount to best-tier Qian-stage! However, it turned out a reasonable selling price to buy the Nuwa Gemstone . Hao Ren checked around and didnt see Zhao Kuo, convinced that the second should have been swept to a different put or some other section of the Demon Ocean . He appeared up to the sky and observed no track with the Nine Dragon Palace . Since Demon Sea was underneath the Nine Dragon Palace, the assortment development across the Demon Seas . Hao Ren appeared to appreciate the relation between these places . The variety growth from the Nine Dragon Palace was helpful not only to the within the Nine Dragon Palace but to your outside on top of that! Due to suppression of the Nine Dragon Palace, the demon kings on the Demon Seas couldnt get out of this region! Woman Zhen probably possessed her very own secret technique of breaking up away from the array growth throughout the Demon Water, which meant that she was more robust than many of the other demon kings! Ever since she had used Duan Yao as her disciple, she didnt will need to go outside in man or woman to perform errands . Hu . The seashore waves surged as should the water were cooking . Hao Ren sensed the type basis strength inside the water and recognized that they had unfortunately decreased into your essential element of the Demon Seas . If he still obtained Young lady Zhens purple precious metal hairpin with him, he might be able to defend themself . Ever since the purple gold hairpin was gone, the great s.h.i.+eld vanished, and that he and Su Han got no access to their characteristics essence… Qiu Niu was mailing them over the route of fatality by kicking them away from the Nine Dragon Palace and tossing them to the Demon Seas! A demon dragon which had one particular horn on its forehead rose through the ocean . Su Han still had her kingdom but couldnt use any kind of her toughness . Along with her purple sweater drenched, she could barely drift alongside Hao Ren . She acquired never been in this particular very poor status! Do not be worried! Hao Ren kept Su Hans stomach and condensed a hundun super vitality with the contrary, but this super energy was so fragile it was only the size of a thumb . Are you currently Hao Ren, Gongzi Hao? the demon dragon instantly requested Hao Ren and Su Han . Hao Ren froze, and Su Han looked at him in delight too . Of course, I am! Hao Ren addressed . The Queen advised me to wait patiently to suit your needs listed here . As I discovered you two plunging out of the skies, I felt that you must be Gongzi Hao . It appears as though Internet marketing proper . The demon dragon blossomed entirely in the water and disclosed its impressive body system . Its body system was even larger than the biggest strong beast that Hao Ren and Su Han possessed evident in the Nine Dragon Palace . Whenever it increased coming from the ocean, the seawater surged program it Whats your business, Older? Hao Ren condensed a hundun super electricity while he required warily . Im one common soldier out of your eight million demon soldiers under Queen Zhens order, and my identity is not important . Gongzi Hao, make sure you follow me to your Pity Floral Palace . Sickly get penalized as we are later, The demon dragon responded to using a thriving sound . Hao Ren was a bit calm as he listened to Girl Zhens title . In the event it symbolized another demon queen, it could have assaulted rather than wasting its time . There is no decision here, Hao Ren explained and leaped with Su Han to stand on the rear of this demon dragon . Su Han hadnt estimated she would belong to the interior section of the Demon Sea . The possibility of the Demon Seas was substantially more compared to the Nine Dragon Palace . She didnt feel that she would still need to depend upon Hao Ren after they were actually outside of the Nine Dragon Palace . However, the character basis high intensity from the Demon Sea was a couple of times a lot more copious compared with the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, offering her a great opportunity to restore . Such as a higher mountain / hill which has been moving forward the water, the demon dragon swam toward the distance with Hao Ren and Su Han on its lower back . The type heart and soul close to the seas floor was relatively very thin, simply level 8 and level 9 demon beasts lingered below . The devil dragon covered Hao Ren and Su Hans auras having its possess amount 10 demon monster aura . As a result, they didnt draw in the attention in the big and small demon kings towards the bottom . Over the last few days, Young lady Zhen had sent out 1000s of degree 10 demon beasts to patrol the sea work surface, forcing the level 8 and amount 9 demon beasts to be minimal . Given that the demon dragon got successfully discovered the people that Girl Zhen wished for, it absolutely was all set rear and receive its prize . Standing on the demon dragons again with Hao Ren, Su Han sensed the Nuwa Material in her own engagement ring and was happy . After they emerged away from the Nine Dragon Palace, the famous Nuwa Rock possessed converted into a greyish and dry pebble . If she hadnt taken it outside the Nine Dragon Palace personally, she wouldnt have thought that it was one of the ancient G.o.dly components of stories . If your Nuwa Natural stone was thrown in to a pile of pebbles, Su Han was confident that she wouldnt have the ability to differentiate it from the some others . It turned out that common cultivators couldnt personal G.o.dly merchandise . Growth! When Su Han was pleased relating to this, the beach waves instantly surged up violently round the demon dragon . Cackle . I, Xuhao, cant allow for anyone to pa.s.s my territory so effortlessly! A razor-sharp and ear canal-piercing tone of voice sounded through the depth with the beach . Since the hundred-gauge-higher water beam photo in the heavens, a slim shape appeared from it . Roar! The mountain-like demon dragon taken out two dark dying rays from the eyeballs! Cackle . A small stage 10 demon beast dares to strike me! The body swallowed the black sun rays and instantly eventually left a large pit within the demon dragons body . Cackle . Sporting a reddish colored robe and carrying a green shoes on his hand, a tiny demon with a directed head and bullnose made an appearance ahead of Hao Ren and Su Han . Splas.h.!.+ The demon dragon collapsed into the surging water like a mountain / hill . In the end, a levels 10 demon monster was fragile well before a real major demon ruler . Xuhao was another a single among the list of the ten major demon kings, with his fantastic territory was the smallest . Nonetheless, he excelled in disguises and stealth . Because the five features in nature couldnt limit him, even other major demon kings thought it was tough to address him, and anyone that messed with him is in great trouble . Taking a look at him, Hao Ren valued any time he eventually left the Demon Sea last time, Xuhao experienced just about succeeded in sneak-attacking him . It was a filter break free . Quick and slim, Xuhao appeared silly within the significant crimson robe . Right now, he tilted his head to an individual side and considered Hao Ren and Su Han all around, seeming to generally be thinking about the best way to feed on them . Cackle . You still have the Immortal Entire body . Regardless of the tiny damage in the Essential Yang power, youre still a high-tier content in making elixirs, Xuhao viewed Hao Ren with satisfaction and glanced at Su Han by his section . That one is sore-fleshed . You may be at Nascent Spirit World, and youre one more terrific tonic . He caught his very long tongue of out his withered mouth and licked his mouth area with greed . He possessed ingested a great deal of small demon kings, but his absolute favorites were human being cultivators . After simply being locked in the Demon Water, he hadnt eaten a individual cultivator for years, in particular a fresh cultivator . As part of your ambitions! Su Han picture her longsword toward Xuhao . Cackle . The more you fight, the more suitable you taste! Xuhao attained out his two trim forearms through the crimson robe, letting Su Hans longsword pierce his entire body . His entire body was shapeless much like a ghost . While Su Hans longsword pierced his entire body, it didnt hurt him in any way . Due to the fact he a ma.s.s of old souls when was beyond the arena of five components, he was just a ghost that innovative by swallowing individuals panic, stress and anxiety, and hatred . With out a tangible form, he couldnt be wounded with real episodes . Owning never achieved this type of beast before, Su Han immediately withdrew the longsword and produced a power sphere . However, Hao Ren recognized that Su Hans energy sphere obtained no influences on this demon master often . Similar to a ghost which could type in people imagination, Xuhao couldnt be clogged with physical limitations on top of that . Hao Rens sword energies linked and formed a circle electricity sphere that had lightning vitality flas.h.i.+ng around it . Just about while doing so, Xuhao who acquired smacked out his distinct claws toward Su Han spotted the crackling super lamps and pulled back . Considering that lightning could bust evils, only Hao Rens lightning electricity got some affect on him! You are aware of lightning procedures! Xu Hao checked out Hao Ren with astonishment . Hao Ren snorted and moved his hands and wrists alongside one another, shooting a large number of hundun sword energies toward him . Cackle . Xuhao just let out a series of unusual chilling laughter ahead of vanis.h.i.+ng unexpectedly . On the other hand, Hao Ren wasnt so naïve to believe that Xuhao had fled . He realized that this second option was concealed somewhere, ready to attack . Given that Hao Rens kingdom had decreased from optimum Qian-levels to Xun-level, and the entire body was broken due to his utilization of Zhao Haorans 1,000-year farming durability, he couldnt work with the sword arrays now . Seeming to know that Hao Ren couldnt last, Xuhao was lurking near Hao Ren and Su Han . If he used his ideal, he surely could bust Hao Rens vulnerable super vigor sphere, but he excelled in sneak-assaults and didnt would like to combat with Hao Ren travel-on . All things considered, they had been within his territory, and then he could exhaust Hao Rens energy . He didnt want this to turn into a significant battle where other demon kings would be attracted . Quite as Hao Ren was sensing tired and couldnt take care of the vigor sphere any more, he observed an incredible surge of characteristics heart and soul becoming moved into his lower back . Su Han placed her hands on Hao Rens rear and transmitted some of her toughness into him! Inside the Demon Seas which had a great deal of characteristics heart and soul, she had healed part of her farming toughness in a short time! Sword array! Up! The Two,560 sword energies condensed into 512 hundun sword energies! Su Han noticed the character fact in her body system flowing out like drinking water within a waterfall! Hao Rens sword energies swept in a wave! Just after staying seriously hurt by Xuhao last time, he possessed wished for vengeance . Nevertheless, he inserted the Demon Seas once again and met this demon master once again prior to his kingdom attained the preferred levels . Since they meet up with all over again, he was determined to wipe out this ghost! Unexpectedly, Su Han felt like almost all her the outdoors fact was getting drawn out by Hao Ren . With two-thirds of her sturdiness out from her system, she fell onto Hao Rens lower back! The grey sword energies illuminated up Xuhaos determine in the area, smashing his stealth . The second come to from the Mystic Water Sword Techniques! The hundun sword energies changed into a multi-colored vitality sword with flas.h.i.+ng super on it, and yes it stabbed toward Xuhaos cardiovascular . Hao Ren endured where he was while the sword moved at his will! With natural lighting s.h.i.+ning as part of his sight, Xuhao was panicking, and this man quickly become white smoke cigarettes, looking to avoid to the seashore . The lightning power was a variety of the 5 elements, and yes it could do away with all wicked and filth! Mixing his personal durability with Su Hans, Hao Ren was going to remove this demon ruler to ensure the latter wouldnt induce hassle for him yet again in secret! The multi-colored energy sword reduced toward the ocean work surface and instantly cut the whitened smoke cigarettes into two halves . Hao Ren possessed condensed lots of Vital Yang Energy in to the sword, and it also was primarily practical against ghosts! This type of water inside the ocean was clearly lighted up through the vivid lightweight . The white-colored smoke cigarettes was attempting to flee in to the level of the beach, but Hao Ren instantly produced all his and Su Hans characteristics essence . At this time, Su Han observed as with any of her characteristics substance was taken out . Hiss . Hao Rens colourful strength sword photo out a ray of lighting toward the middle of the bright fumes . Make sure you forgive me! I will do anything whatsoever for you! Around this significant minute, Xuhao immediately begged for mercy . Hao Ren wouldnt supply him with any probability because he acquired sensed that Xuhao got swallowed a great number of cultivators and harbored lots of wicked thoughts . Su Han! The Nuwa Jewel! Hao Ren yelled . He was reluctant that his sword energies couldnt kill Xuhao absolutely, along with the satanic ghost could easily get out . Astonished, Su Han required out of the Nuwa Rock from her diamond ring . Hao Ren administered another little hundun energy within the Nuwa Rock, and colourful signals instantly lighted inside the total spot . Xuhao acquired divided him self through the bright white smoke and was prepared to flee for a dash of dark-colored smoke cigarettes, but he yelled in desperation as he noticed the lighting, Nuva Gemstone! He experienced never envisioned that this historic G.o.dly object would look below! Hiss . Xuhao was melted through the lighting which had been released coming from the Nuwa Rock . If Hao Rens super sword energies hadnt cut off 1 / 2 of his heart and soul, he might have had a way to evade . Xuhao, one of several ten huge demon kings, obtained never thought that he or she would perish as a result of Hao Ren who had been meant to be his prey! Thrive . The ocean surf surged up . The demon kings were definitely forthcoming that way one after the other once you have this news . Go! Hao Ren had taken Su Hans hands and fled within the sea when he controlled Su Hans longsword using the aluminum-elemental and h2o-elemental aspect basis . d.a.m.n it! Why am I always fleeing for my well being when Internet marketing with Hao Ren? Su Han couldnt support complaining silently . In the blink of the eyes, Hao Ren dug out a token and installed it on his buckle . The Penglai Immortal Expression!
With environmentally friendly lighting fixtures s.h.i.+ning within his vision, Xuhao was panicking, and this man quickly changed into bright white fumes, attempting to evade in to the water .
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Even so, Hao Ren wasn’t so naïve to consider that Xuhao obtained fled . He believed which the latter was covering around, patiently waiting to infiltration .
A demon dragon which had a single horn on its brow increased out of the seashore .
“Of course, I am!” Hao Ren addressed .

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