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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 401 earn tremble
“Are you currently saying that you’re complicated me on account of Su Han?” Hao Ren appeared round the cla.s.sroom and expected Lu Qi .
Peng, peng, peng…
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Lu Qi position his hands and fingers out and counted ten grayscale chess pieces right before organizing them toward Hao Ren!
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His bright body made bright red!
Even if your Eastern side Ocean Dragon Clan only mailed 1 cultivator, it may well still need a symbolic which means .
Zhao… Kuo? Hao Ren tensed up . Because Zhao Kuo neglected to reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm and almost misplaced his existence, he hadnt sent back to East Sea . Zhao Guang initially believed Zhao Kuo attended exercise himself for a while and would swiftly profit . On the other hand, immediately after causing, no-one read from Zhao Kuo once more . Zhao Guang was concerned that Zhao Kuo was found in some type of automobile accident, and that he sent people today to look for Zhao Kuo . Lastly, some days earlier, he gotten news flash and found in which Zhao Kuo was heading . He was shocked that Zhao Kuo would the Dragon G.o.d Shrine for your normal assessments! This morning, Lu Qing termed him and shared with him that Hao Ren was going to partic.i.p.ate from the examinations with the Dragon G.o.d Shrine as Su Hans a.s.sistant likewise . When he linked those two factors jointly, Zhao Guang started to build a system in the thoughts . Internet marketing not very confident whether this information is true or otherwise, but at the least its a guide . That is why me, Zi, her mom, plus some elders will go to the Dragon G.o.d Shrine this Sat.you.r.moment, Zhao Guang stated via the cellphone . Could there be a single thing I can sort out? Hao Ren questioned . Practically nothing really . I just now wished someone to enter into the examinations as a representative of the Eastern side Seas Dragon Clan as an alternative to Su Hans a.s.sistant, Zhao Guang said . East Beach Dragon Clan! Hao Ren as being a representative of Eastern Seas Dragon Clan! If it ended up just before, the 4 seashore dragon clans wouldnt partic.i.p.ate in a of Dragon G.o.d Shrines functions, such as typical assessments . The main reason Su Han could get into the examinations was because she technically wasnt part of the Eastern Ocean Dragon Clan . In a way, the 4 water dragon clans had been an alliance of their, plus the Dragon G.o.d Shrine was an alliance created by smaller dragon clans . The increase of the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, the truth is, was really a task for the four beach dragon clans! Which has been why the four seashore dragon clans as well as Dragon G.o.d Shrine didnt interfere with each other and simply notice each many others actions . On the other hand, if Hao Ren were to signify the Eastern Ocean Dragon Clan and partic.i.p.ate inside the exams rather than Su Hans a.s.sistant, the concept of all the things might be various . Even if the East Seashore Dragon Clan only directed one particular cultivator, it could still need a symbolic which means . It was actually Hao Ren who took over as the critical human being to make such changes! Yeah, I will get it done, Hao Ren explained on the telephone . Instantly, he observed a vast weight on his shoulder blades . If he would partic.i.p.ate as Su Hans a.s.sistant, then getting rid of wouldnt definitely matter . Nonetheless, if he were to represent the Eastern Ocean Dragon Clan, then getting rid of ahead of time would make the Eastern Sea Dragon Clan shed face . You dont ought to overthink this . This is usually a proper conclusion that was created by most of the elders and me . Hence, your speed and agility over the exam is unimportant . Providing you represent the East Seas Dragon Clan, we will have adequate motives to venture to the Dragon G.o.d Shrine and find signs as to in which my third brother is, Zhao Guang discussed . All right, I realize, Hao Ren reacted . For Zhao Guang, this excursion would be to have interaction using the Dragon G.o.d Shrine and also to see Zhao Kuo . Following thinking about it a little more, Hao Ren believed such as the second option was probably the important reason . The latest condition from the four water dragon clans was unstable with Zhao Haorans come back . He suppressed the South Sea Dragon Clan the North Seashore Dragon Clan ahead of conquering the West Water Dragon Clan . These motives made the alliance between your four oceans extremely weakened . Also, Xie Yujia, Lu Linlin, Lu Lili, and Zhen Congming can be coming with us . Zhao Guang concluded his last thoughts and installed up the phone . Hao Ran stared at his cellphone . He experienced a difficult time thinking the followers he would have when he was getting the assessments . The Dragon California king, Dragon Queen, and Princess of Eastern side Ocean, as well as numerous crimson-robed senior citizens of Eastern Seas, the disciple of any Heart and soul Formation Realm cultivator, twin sisters through the Immortal Kingdom, along with the only disciple of Qiu Niu, the eldest boy in the G.o.dly Dragon! On the other hand, when he really thought of it, if he dropped during the very first spherical of battle or couldnt even pa.s.s the very first days and nights prepared examination by using these a formidable help and support organization, it could be a real humiliation! He out of the blue sensed chills in the vertebrae . He looked at Xie Yujia who was being seated in front of him, and then he kept in mind that look she just had he guessed that she was excited about seeing his struggles about this saturday and sunday . She probably discovered which he would use the examinations and therefore recognized why he was jogging with Su Han each day . He sensed glad . Cla.s.s starts! The instructor, who was almost bald, walked in the cla.s.sroom and cut off Hao Rens thoughts . Time slowly flowed away . The bell that signaled the conclusion in the cla.s.s last but not least rung, finishing the oppressive surroundings on the cla.s.sroom . Hao Ren slowly halted going around his nature fact based on the Mild Splitting Sword Shadow Browse within his human body . Just when Hao Ren was approximately to get up and resume the dorm with Zhao Jiayi, a man within a white t-s.h.i.+rt came over . He was Lu Qi, the leader with the Go Golf club . Lu Qi obtained incredible abilities, succeeding the many compet.i.tions when he was in high school graduation . When he inserted college or university, he was the champ in the nationwide novice compet.i.tion two years upright and even represented The far east to contend in Korea, profitable 16 online games and shedding only 1 . His talent and skill helped him to be respected even by very best Chinese Go gamers, and then he also experienced a gorgeous smile and visual appearance . He have also been very humble and minimal-essential, drawing a dependable girl fanbase . Not the same as Huang Xujie, even if Lu Qi was incredibly loved by the women in class, he was never conceited concerning this . Considering the fact that he was rarely in class on account of all the compet.i.tions, this quick physical appearance he made in this cla.s.sroom surprised all people . Im sorry, but are you searching for another person? Xie Yujia inquired while all people hadnt retrieved in the surprise . Hao Ren . Lu Qis gaze secured to Hao Ren, who has been in the back of the cla.s.sroom . Everyones gaze experienced considered the back of the cla.s.sroom exactly where Hao Ren was . Hao Ren checked above and found that Lu Qi got a dim reddish colored lighting around him . The aspect of blaze! Feature me We have a thing to share to you, Lu Qi claimed as he stared at Hao Ren . His tone of voice was sooth but bleak . Hao Ren walked pa.s.sed the crowd and went to the top of your cla.s.sroom the place Lu Qi was . Lu Qi wore a pair of frameless gla.s.ses, with his fantastic eye gave out a dim red-colored mild . His epidermis was softer than women, plus it appeared like he originated a prosperous household . To amount of money it, he was additional fine than Hao Ren . The cla.s.sroom was filled up with clamors, all looking at that which was taking place . Lu Qi is actually a prodigy from the Go circle . Irrespective of how tough an individual thinking, there didnt look like a link somewhere between him and standard university students . Nevertheless, he abruptly made an appearance here and requested Hao Ren within a provocative color . This weird occasion brought about plentiful of gossip and practices . What exactly is it? Hao Ren required . A challenge . Lu Qi uttered both phrases coldly . Wow… The cla.s.sroom got loud . Where by? Hao Ren requested . In the Go Team, Lu Qi responded to . Oh… people the cla.s.sroom were definitely astonished . Certainly . Hao Ren nodded without the doubt . Lu Qi nodded back and went toward the staircase, and Hao Ren put into practice him . Dong, dong, dong… The competition rushed toward the staircase and desired to see what can happen . Relating to the school architectural structures, there was atmosphere bridges that attached them . Hao Ren adhered to Lu Qi with a close by scholastic building, allowing the build up of a large herd there . Lu Qi is difficult Hao Ren with a game of Go! Really? If you do not believe it, just navigate to the Go organization! What is actually occurring? I heard its because of Su Han! Yeah . After they were definitely taking walks toward a tight schedule Membership, they mentioned Su Han! It should be that Lu Qi also prefers Su Han! Due to the fact Hao Ren and Su Han came to school collectively right now, Lu Qi was infuriated through the appearance! Great news! I cant assume that Lu Qi possesses a crush on Su Han! Just in the event the masses was developing in front of the Go Membership, Hao Ren and Lu Qi came into the cla.s.sroom which has been focused on this team . Lu Qi had good accomplishments on the Go group, like beating j.a.panese and Korean experts and bringing in many honors and trophies for any university or college . That has been why the school devoted an area for him to practice Go in, and also it was the one different for the classes club . For the individuals the group to train in peace, the home windows on the cla.s.sroom experienced dark-colored documents bogged down to them together with customized tone insulations added .   Hao Ren and Lu Qi entered the cla.s.sroom, and the other pupils had been all planning to get a glimpse through the doorstep or seeking to discover what was going on inside of . On the other hand, mainly because of the noise and light-weight insultations, they couldnt see or listen to a thing . Are you stating that youre difficult me as a consequence of Su Han? Hao Ren checked throughout the cla.s.sroom and asked Lu Qi . There have been six to seven desks from the cla.s.sroom, and in addition they were definitely decorated with monochrome chess items . Su Han sent a mystery see to all of magic formula clubs in the university . She stated that whoever defeats you by Friday can change you as her a.s.sistant . Lu Qi considered Hao Ren during the sight with unfl.u.s.tered inner thoughts . Su Han… She perceives living is simply too easy… Hao Ren considered secretly . Merely a brief self-release . I, Lu Qi, am a Dui-levels blaze-elemental dragon from the main department of Wude Forest, Lu Qi reported . Internet marketing Hao Ren, a Gen-amount standard water-elemental dragon from East Seashore, Hao Ren claimed while support up fifty percent one step . Its my recognize! Lu Qi position his fingers collectively and then instantly attacked! The cla.s.sroom was lit up from a red light! An energy sphere! The 2 main furniture beside Lu Qi bounced aside! The black and white chess sections increased . Lu Qi put his hands and fingers out and counted ten grayscale chess parts well before tossing them toward Hao Ren! Lu Qi got amazing Go skills, but his farming was quite outstanding! Though he checked like he is at his twenties, he may have properly trained for 50 to 60 many years in order to achieve Dui-amount . He obtained the skill sets to compete for the examinations for the Dragon G.o.d Shrine! Anyone was aware how the Dragon G.o.d Shrine got a quota because of its recognized inspectors . In theory, it absolutely was determined by merit . Having said that, under equivalent circ.u.mstances, they would prioritize cultivators who possessed the job of a.s.sisting inspector! Its my respect! Hao Ren also place his fingers together, and 160 sword energies all of a sudden taken from his back The noise of the sword energies piercing over the chess pieces shook the cla.s.sroom, as well as surface was included in busted chess bits . With only 40Percent of his farming electrical power and just at Gen-amount, Hao Ren got to give it his all to conquer a Dui-amount cultivator! What exactly is this procedure!? It turned out the first time that Lu Qi possessed observed this type of procedure and was slightly stunned . He stomped his feet on the floor, along with the ruined chess bits bounced up again just before das.h.i.+ng at Hao Ren . The broken chess bits were actually lit up program red flame and adhered to the movement of Lu Qis palm . The tens of chess items acquired turned into 100s of flaming fragments! Right after Hao Ren moved his palms inside the atmosphere, the 160 sword energies immediately more than doubled . The sword energies have been piloting all over the home, smas.h.i.+ng the chess sections to the level there wasnt even natural powder still left . Several! Abilities! Heaven! Entire world! Hao Ren mentioned each expression clearly and specifically . The sword energies gave out a humming sounds, and also the glimmering swords billed toward Lu Qis travel, upper body, and thighs and legs . With only 40% of his cultivation energy, Hao Ren needed to complete the struggle swiftly! Also, he were forced to freeze out his the outdoors substance to obtain a divide 2nd within each following to never lead to the 5 Hills Charms . Through the divided next when Hao Rens nature heart and soul froze, the sword energies vanished with the loss of energy . Then, the moment Hao Ren had been able to get his nature heart and soul backup again, the sword energies reappeared! By no means experienced Lu Qi seen these unusual conditions . Instantly, a chessboard which was in bright and back made an appearance as part of his palm . Which had been his natal dharma prize! This dharma value produced a pure white and black fire, and as well, the sword energies already came to Lu Qis the neck and throat, stomach, and knee joints . Whoos.h.!.+ The Sword energies abruptly stopped a number of millimeters when in front of Lu Qi . Buzz… buzz… With Hao Rens constant rhythm of halting and reemitting his aspect essence, the sword energies vanished and reappeared . Even with getting his best weapon, Lu Qi was flabbergasted . You dropped, Hao Ren calmly uttered both ideas . A mystic white and black flame was still drifting around Lu Qis chessboard . He stared at Hao Ren, properly gritting his tooth . Then, he position the chessboard back into his system . From start to finish, the battle only had taken five secs . I suddenly lost . Lu Qi nodded and discontinued the crimson electricity sphere . Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ The packed sword energies rushed directly into Hao Rens entire body . Lu Qi only experienced a single natal dharma value, but Hao Ren acquired 320! The sword energies have been Hao Rens mother nature basis, additionally they had been also his natal dharma treasures . If you would like, I could have another combat on you, Hao Ren claimed . Lu Qi heightened his brain and viewed Hao Ren . Peng! The reddish colored energy sphere reappeared, and Lu Qis whole body was blazing with red flames . His bright white body turned bright red! Peng, peng, peng… The chessboard changed into a grayscale Tai Chi symbol having a major flame dragon symbol on the center, giving out stunning fire! Whenever a fireplace dragon flies into the heavens, it equipment and lighting up everything! Lu Qi applied the Raging Fire Browse . The eliminating flames he emitted were actually capable of melting rocks! Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Hao Rens sword energies reappeared from his human body . On this occasion although, they werent bright colored swords but were definitely solely consisting of black colored types . Dark-colored Liquid Scroll! Lu Qi couldnt aid but scream . The dark-colored sword energies shaped waves just as the water on the netherworld and hurried toward the flames . H2o counters flame! Together with the countering aspect and the effectiveness of the sword assortment formation, Hao Rens h2o-elemental collection growth did not eliminate to Lu Qis using up fire! Peng! Peng! Peng! The fire along with the swords were definitely colliding with each other . Normal water and flame compared one another, as well as the fire around Lu Qi and the water-elemental swords around Hao Ren were actually putting on each other out . In some days or weeks, the tests from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine were definitely proceeding to happen . It will be easy to pa.s.s the authored check-up, although the fight exams might be hard . News reports Su Han distributed abruptly bought Hao Ren a handful of instructors . During the Eastern Beach School, there werent quite a few formidable opponents, but there have been a variety of dragon cultivators who have been around the similar degree as Hao Ren . How could Hao Ren not acknowledge this gift idea from Su Han? Half an hour after, the Go Organizations front door at last reopened . Lu Qi went by helping cover their a light encounter . In comparison, Hao Ren looked pleased . He waved his arms and walked out of the cla.s.sroom . Both of them didnt explain a single thing . On the other hand, when Lu Qi went around the stairs, he almost tripped . From then on, the rumor of Hao Ren pounding Lu Qi in a bet on Go propagate rapidly over the university .
“Are you presently stating that you’re demanding me as a consequence of Su Han?” Hao Ren looked across the cla.s.sroom and asked Lu Qi .
Hao Ren and Lu Qi inserted the cla.s.sroom, and the other university students were all attempting to get a peek from the doorstep or looking to listen to that which was happening within . Even so, a result of the seem and lightweight insultations, they couldn’t see or perceive a thing .
He stared at Hao Ren, properly gritting his the teeth . Then, he put the chessboard into his body .
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There are six to seven tables within the cla.s.sroom, and they were definitely furnished with white and black chess parts .
Lu Qi walked by helping cover their a soft experience .
Between your academic structures, there have been skies bridges that connected them .
Peng, peng, peng…
“Wow…” The cla.s.sroom got noisy .
Time slowly flowed absent .
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The present condition of the four sea dragon clans was unforeseen with Zhao Haoran’s returning . He suppressed the South Sea Dragon Clan the North Beach Dragon Clan prior to conquering the West Seashore Dragon Clan . These good reasons made the alliance between the four oceans extremely poor .
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The green electricity sphere reappeared, and Lu Qi’s whole body was blazing with red fire .
Whether it ended up well before, the four water dragon clans wouldn’t partic.i.p.consumed in a of Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s occasions, for example the standard assessments .
In between the school houses, there have been skies bridges that attached them .
Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+
Whenever a fire dragon flies into your heavens, it lamps up anything!
Just after Hao Ren transferred his palms inside the air flow, the 160 sword energies immediately more than doubled .
“Is there anything I can sort out?” Hao Ren required .
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If he were to partic.i.p.consumed as Su Han’s a.s.sistant, then shedding wouldn’t truly make a difference . Even so, if he would stand for the Eastern Ocean Dragon Clan, then losing in the beginning would make the East Seas Dragon Clan eliminate deal with .
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Do not ever got Lu Qi observed such unusual attacks . Suddenly, a chessboard which had been in bright and back shown up in his palm .
The reddish power sphere reappeared, and Lu Qi’s entire body was blazing with reddish flames .
“Just what is this procedure!?” It had been to begin with that Lu Qi experienced witnessed this kind of procedure and was slightly stunned .
Zhao Guang was concerned that Zhao Kuo was trapped in some type of collision, and that he sent people to look for Zhao Kuo .
East Seashore Dragon Clan!
Lu Qi wore a pair of frameless gla.s.ses, and his awesome eyeballs presented out a dim red-colored mild .
Peng! Peng! Peng!
“I heard it’s thanks to Su Han!”
From the East Seas College or university, there weren’t numerous robust foes, but there are a bunch of dragon cultivators who had been throughout the similar stage as Hao Ren .
“Lu Qi is demanding Hao Ren with a game of Go!”
His speech was tranquil but bleak .

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